Daniel Blackaby

Opening the Blackaby Bible Institute

God is always at work around us. 

My grandfather, Henry Blackaby, teaches in Experiencing God that we must adjust our life to God, step out in obedience, and join His divine activity.

In 2019, Blackaby Ministries sensed God's clear invitation to join Him by significantly increasing our online ministry opportunities. In response, we developed an online class ministry and made the Blackaby bible study material available in a digital format for the first time.  

Little did we know at the time that the Covid pandemic would soon sweep the across the world, shutting down in-person church gatherings and isolating many people within their homes—but God knew.

He was preparing and positioning us to be able to minister to people during a unique and difficult time. We were blessed to have hundreds of participants from all around the world join us for these initial online classes, and God used the sessions to impact lives in an amazing way. 

We now sense that God is leading us to take the next step in this mission, and we are stepping out in obedience to join him.   

The Blackaby Bible Institute

We are thrilled to announce the opening of the Blackaby Bible Institute! The Institute will be a center for digital Bible studies, training, and discipleship. In addition to expanding our catalogue of Bible studies, we also look forward to offering free resources and courses, exclusive webinar events, certification programs, access to archival sermons from Henry Blackaby,  and much more.

We pray that you will walk alongside us as we begin this exciting new initiative. While we are hitting the ground running with our Experiencing God class (registration now open), the next months will also be a transitional period as we work to transfer and revise our existing online class resources onto this website and continue the production of several new classes. We look forward to watching how God will work through the Blackaby Bible Institute in the days ahead, and we hope that you will join us!   

—Dr. Daniel Blackaby           

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